Folder Size for Windows Explorer

Have you ever had to look through a bunch of folders and files to find ones that are just taking up way too much space? Well, I was the other day, and ran into a limitation of Windows XP--explorer does not show folder sizes when switching to a detailed list view. After a quick google, I stumbled across a program called Folder Size for Windows Explorer. After installing the program it ran as a service. When browsing through files using explorer, Folder Size automatically listed folder sizes as well as file sizes in a column headed "Folder Size." The only problem that I ran into it was browsing a mapped drive--even though I wasn't viewing by detailed view, it would automatically refresh the folder every few seconds, jumping the scroll bar back up to the top of the folder which was an issue until I killed the process. Other than that, the program works great.

Hit the link to check it out on Sourceforge.


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