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Technology for Technology's Sake?

Here's a note that I wrote to myself a while ago: Is it ok to implement technology in schools, for technology's sake? There's a lot of talk in our Technology Services department about the usability of some different technology (e.g. iPad, Android devices, Chromebooks, netbooks) and how they all compare to each other and what would best fit our students' needs. This is all well and good, and I believe that it needs to be done. However, another part of me is wondering: why can't we just put tech in the classrooms because it's cool? Sure, we don't have any money. But the idea is attractive to me. Why am I a network technician today? I had a passion for electronics, computers, and fixing things when I was a kid. I loved (and still love) technology for technology's sake, which is why I don't think I've ever dreaded going to work. I love it. When I pick up an iPad, it still amazes me that I can hold the world in my hands, in such a beautiful device tha

Google Apps Password Sync for Active Directory

Goodbye hacked-together Google Apps password sync with AD and hello to GAPS. Pretty excited about this one--it will automatically sync your AD passwords with Google Apps, (apparently) no special DLLs or storing passwords in reversible encryption, as third-party tools required (as far as the free ones went). Check out the official blog post here. Curious how, or if, this will integrate with UMRA. Not sure how UMRA handled passwords, so this'll be fun :) Nothing like unanswered questions to learn more, right? I'll definitely update as I learn and go along here. Blog posts sorta result in self-documentation to some extent, so this is doing double-duty :)