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Summer Progress: A Reflection

School starts Wednesday. This blog post is more about self-affirmation of what went on this summer than anything else, but I think it's worth sharing. Man, the summer has gone by way too fast. Here's a list of some of the things we accomplished this summer: Replaced all our Novell servers with Cisco routers at our sites, with standardized DHCP ranges etc. Moved all services and file storage that were running on Novell to other servers. Setup, cabled and configured two Dell Poweredge R710, two Dell Powerconnect 6224 switches and an Equallogic PS4000x SAN for virtualization. (Thankfully, Dell helped us out with that. Of course, we paid for it.) Installed and configured VMware vSphere on the two host servers and SAN. Setup several Windows Server 2008 VMs to act as our primary and secondary internal DNS (integrated with AD) and swapped out our old DNS servers. Changed our domain name to something much easier to type, which we are still experiencing the ramifications of

Update: Archiving Google Apps with Lightspeed, and Virtualization

It's been a while since I last posted...figured I owed it to people to give them an update of what's been going on. First, archiving Google Apps email with Lightspeed TTC. This is by far the most popular subject that people who visit my site are searching for (according to Google Analytics). Of course, 'most popular' means all of three or so people who are interested in the subject. But there is enough interest out there that I'd better keep talking about it. After moving to Google Apps for Education, our initial goal was to use Postini for archiving email for the first year to make life easy for us, and then look into possibly moving to our own email archiving system in-house, which would be Lightspeed TTC email archiving. However, while this is a great idea (and still one we may consider) our plans and hopes were dampened by us actually having to USE Lightspeed's email archiving system to retrieve emails. Now, chances are we didn't do this right. And the l