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Folder Size for Windows Explorer

Have you ever had to look through a bunch of folders and files to find ones that are just taking up way too much space? Well, I was the other day, and ran into a limitation of Windows XP--explorer does not show folder sizes when switching to a detailed list view. After a quick google, I stumbled across a program called Folder Size for Windows Explorer. After installing the program it ran as a service. When browsing through files using explorer, Folder Size automatically listed folder sizes as well as file sizes in a column headed "Folder Size." The only problem that I ran into it was browsing a mapped drive--even though I wasn't viewing by detailed view, it would automatically refresh the folder every few seconds, jumping the scroll bar back up to the top of the folder which was an issue until I killed the process. Other than that, the program works great.

Hit the link to check it out on Sourceforge.

Archive Google Apps for Education...with Enkive?

Well, I don't know because Enkive hasn't been released yet. But Enkive, a project by The Linux Box, looks pretty promising. The software offers email retention and retrieval, and regulatory compliance. Enkive is built using the Alfresco system, another open-source project focused on CMS. From what I understand, Enkive is planned to follow in the steps of many other open source software offerings--a "community" version for free, and a "enterprise" version that will be supported by The Linux Box, pricing is yet to be determined. Enkive Community Edition is set to be released 4th Quarter 2010 (may even be this Friday!), with the commercial version planned for release beginning of next year.

What I'm most interested in, however, is the archiving of Google Apps for Education email. On Enkive's website, it says that Gmail can be archived, but does take some extra setup. Or, perhaps the commercial version will be at a low enough cost that it would make sens…