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More on Google Apps and Archiving with Lightspeed

Checking the analytics for my blog, it appears that archiving Google Apps email with Lightspeed's "Message Journaling" feature is by far the most popular (which isn't saying much, as my blog does not get very much traffic anyway).

As an update to this possibility--I'll share a little chat I had with Lightspeed's tech support the other day. We had a problem with our Groupwise email not being archived at all (don't ask, long story), and, as part of the process to get it back up and running, I called Lightspeed's tech support. During the course of our conversation I asked about the possibility of Google Apps email being supported by Lightspeed anytime soon...the customer support representative went on to tell me that they have been getting requests for that, and that it's something they probably would be looking into in the future, although he was pretty vague about it. I mentioned to him about the idea of the 'Incoming' and 'Outgoing'…