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Last time I posted, I got a bit nerdy and talked about a network monitoring tool for Windows called FREEPing. This week, I'm switching back to an iOS app called Mailbox.


mailboxI highly anticipated Mailbox for iOS when it first was announced. It was clean, it was pretty, and it looked like it was going to change how I dealt with email. When I actually got my hands on it, I can't say it completely fulfilled all my hopes and dreams, but it is definitely helpful. Since I first started using Mailbox, a few other apps have come out with somewhat similar features, so Mailbox is no longer exclusively awesome. Sorry Mailbox.

That said, I use it as my default email app on my iPhone. I don't do a lot of email creation on my iPhone unless absolutely necessary, so I mainly use it to quickly go through email on-the-go, to sort and queue up emails for later. The two features of Mailbox that I was incredibly excited about when it was first launched, and that I still use, are:

  1. Swipe to archive

  2. Swipe to snooze for later

Swipe to archive is amazing. I think a lot of other email apps have picked up on this as well, but Mailbox is great because it's one motion. You swipe to the right, a green box and checkmark appears behind the email, you let go, and boom. The email is gone from your Inbox, into the dusty corners of your Gmail account titled 'All Mail'. It's a great way to get rid of those emails you haven't quite yet decided you want to unsubscribe from.

Swipe to snooze for later was the absolute killer feature I was so excited about. Say you've got a personal email you need to take a look at when you get home, but you're at work now, so you swipe left and a yellow background and clock show up behind the email, you let go and up pops a screen that asks when you want to see this email again. You choose tomorrow morning, later today, or a specific time from several other options and bam. The email is gone from your inbox, and will show back up at the specified time. This is a great way to get to 'Inbox Zero' and really helps you only deal with emails once, instead of wasting time re-reading subject lines and trying to figure out if you need to deal with that email now or tomorrow.

I definitely recommend heading over to the App Store and downloading Mailbox for your iOS device.

Next Time

I'm planning on discussing how I use Dropbox in my workflow.


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