Course Correction

Considering I wrote my 'I'm Back!' post back in October, and it's now April, I would assume it's safe to say I was a bit optimistic about tackling blogging again. Honestly, I'm a bit jaded by blogging--I mean, anyone can put anything they want on the Internet...and who reads it? It has to have some sort of value, some sort of worth to either the reader or the writer, or both.

I've been encouraged to become more a part of the community of Edtech people, but I don't feel like I have a ton to offer as a non-teacher. I want to help, but how do I do it? This is the question that I've been trying to tackle for the past few months. I think, though, that in doing so I've arrived at a possible answer: self-reflection.

That feels a bit cheesy, but I think that it may be the key to what I've been trying to figure out. Why not make it my journey, my story? I'm a tech, and I'm pretty good at it (I think), so why not share stories of what I do and how I've tried to solve problems and help teachers in my school? Hopefully this will evolve into something that goes beyond reflection on the past and extends into puzzling over how to build for the future of education. By me reflecting, this provides me with value in a form that, because I'm writing for an unknown audience, forces me to reflect in ways that are hopefully clear and intelligent.

My goal: Two posts a month, for the rest of 2015. Let's see if I can do it.


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