How to Download a YouTube Video for Offline Use

Here's a quick video I made on how to use to download a YouTube video for offline use.

Update: While there are many tools available for downloading YouTube videos, apparently downloading them is actually against YouTube's Terms of Service (5B) (thanks Tyler), unless videos specifically provide a 'download' link. This does make it extremely difficult for teachers to share YouTube videos with their classes when YouTube is generally filtered on school networks, but hopefully districts (like ours) see the educational value of many YouTube videos and are working on providing for access to teachers and staff. If you do follow these instructions, please be sure that the uploader specifically grants you the right to download the video.


  1. FYI: Its a violation of youtube TOS to use sites like keepvid to download videos. It may not seem like a big deal, but as tech people in schools we must not be teaching our teachers to violate the TOS. We need to set the example.


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