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Meant to post this last Monday but life got real busy real quick.
So...got a response from the person I emailed earlier about archiving Google Apps for Education email using Lightspeed's TTC server. The verdict? He was able to implement it...but it took quite a bit of doing. I'll update this later when I can make a little more sense of what he said. It was a tad confusing and involved, but was doable, which is pretty much awesome. The basic setup involves redirecting Google Apps MX records to your TTC server, which then forwards the mail to a computer on your network (he suggested hmail) and then point that back out to Google to handle the email. But this way, it gets the mail in your network where it can be archived. More on that later when I have some time to look into it more.


  1. it may have been me you was speaking to.. I suggested hmail as a possible solution as well! ;)

  2. We are using Lightspeed right now in our district. We are planning a pilot of Google Apps. Any new developments on getting those two products to communicate?

  3. Sorry due to crazy amounts of spam I have this setup so I have to approve comments before they're posted...
    No new developments...although I'll work on a blog post explaining the steps needed for the archiving that I got from a guy who did set it up successfully...I'll try to get that up here before next week. We're currently planning on deploying Google Apps before next school year...and, while the cost of Postini for archiving is fairly prohibitive, it's not as bad since we're only planning on archiving staff email (about 600 accounts) instead of student email as well. Google just released a little feature that allows you to restrict subgroups to only emailing others within that group/your domain...haven't looked into it too much yet but that's probably how we'll set up student accounts.


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