First Post

Every blog has to have the typical 'first post' post. Or maybe not...but every blog I have attempted to start has had one, so there you go. The intent of this blog is to share some information that I have been gathering over the years working as a computer technician...and to basically keep notes for myself so I can remember what I've implemented over the years and how. The main focus (if not the only focus) is going to be on open-source/free software, since I work for a school district, we have no money, and I'm just that type of guy.
My current project I'm working on (or thinking of working on) is called WPKG, a way to deploy applications over the network without using Group Policy etc. The school district I work for is on a Novell network (!!!!) that's running severs that are 15 years old so I don't have much to work with, but do the best I can with what I've got. I've come up with some pretty cool stuff, so stay tuned--I'll blog about that later.


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