Hello, my name is Matt Pauls. I currently work for a school district here in California as a Network Technician. My job title essentially translates to an IT handyman–I fix pretty much everything related to computers, networks and even cell phones at times. I am 22 years old and just completed my Bachelor’s in Business Administration, majoring in Management and Human Resource Management. Working on computers is my passion–in fact, I’m very thankful that I enjoy my job so much. What’s even more exciting is that I feel that my job in the education sector impacts quite a few people in a positive way.

This is my blog about pretty much everything that’s technology and my different experiences working for the school district. Hopefully it’ll help others find information that they’re searching for, or perhaps provide a means for people to be entertained. Either one is all right by me.

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  1. Justin says:


    Just wondering if you are keeping up with this blog. Just read most of your posts. Most of the stuff you are working on in the school environment are the same as me.

    Any change you have Lightspeed working with Google Apps. I’m currently researching that as well.

    1. mpauls says:

      I’m doing my best to keep up with it but things have been absolutely crazy busy lately (which I’m sure you’re well familiar with). But I do try to keep up with it, even if sporadically. Funny actually, cause I was thinking about trying to write a blog post today…
      Haven’t had any progress with Lightspeed and Google Apps, although that is possibly something I will be looking into this summer provided I have the time, as being a school district in California the several thousand we pay to Postini could definitely be used for other purposes….

  2. Justin says:

    Thanks for response Matt. I look forward to keeping up with your blog.

    In your one blog post you mentioned Clonezilla. Great product. Have you considered the Fogproject. It’s also a imaging solution. I’m using it here in my school district. It’s great for me because it will change the computers hostname and also add it to the domain when it’s done imaging.

    1. mpauls says:

      I have considered using FOG, but just haven’t had time to really invest to get it setup right. I’d love to get an imaging solution setup that’s a little more consolidated than what we currently have…that’s good to know it will change the hostname as well. That would definitely save a little time.

  3. Hi Matt,
    I came across your post on archiving google apps/email with Lightspeed. No one should Google without Gaggle. lol We offer an overlay to google apps that is a far more robust filtering and save system for google’s apps. We also archive, much better than Postini/Vault, better features and of course better pricing. Check us out!

    Good luck and I enjoyed reading your posts.


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